VIDEO: She Was Ambushed For A Makeover On Her 60th Birthday. What Her After Photo Looks Like? NO WAY

Updated April 28, 2016

I think we can all agree that every woman deserves a pick-me-up especially if they dedicated their life to raising a family. Far too often, women forget to take care of themselves while they’re busy raising good citizens and loving boys and girls.

And since a good makeover can shave years, it not decades, off of your appearance, we’re happy these deserving mothers got picked for the Thursday Ambush Makeovers on the Today Show.

See how these women look after their miraculous makeovers…

Two women were selected for a makeover for the Today Show.

First up was Lenise Melton, a 58-year-old accountant and mother of two. Encouraged by her life-long friend, Lenise took the opportunity to get a makeover. But after she was in hair and makeup for a few hours, she came out and made the audience’s jaws drop. It’s amazing what a haircut and some new threads can do for your look.

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But the best part of this story came when Bonnie Amend, a Library clerk, came to the Today Show with her family for her 60th birthday.

“We just want my mom to get a fresh start,” Bonnie’s daughter said, “She’s so little and so cute and we just want to get her all polished up and (looking) great for her 60th birthday.”

Bonnie was selected for the “surprise” makeover by Licari and Martin duo.

When she came out of the green room, her family was visibly stunned by her transformation. And happily so…

Her husband couldn’t believe he had such a babe by his side all along!

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