Love Bacon, But Hate The Mess Of Frying It? You Need To Try This Innovative New Method

Updated November 1, 2016

If you’re like me, you love bacon. I mean it is an American breakfast staple that just goes great with everything. You love bacon with your eggs, bacon on your sandwiches, and even bacon on your donuts. Because nothing beats those delicious maple-bacon donuts – yum!

But one man has figured out a fool-proof solution that will make having perfect bacon easier than ever before. His method gave me a way to make CRISPY bacon in just 90 seconds. After you see what it is, you’ll understand why I’m never taking out my frying pan ever again. That’s too messy and gross. This much better method requires almost zero cleanup.

Watch the quick video now to revolutionize how you cook bacon.

So what is this man’s secret? It’s actually something you use every day. It’s the microwave! When done just right, using the method described below, you can use your microwave to create perfectly crispy bacon slices in a matter of seconds.

Long gone are the days of frying up bacon, getting grease splatter every which way on your stove top, and having to use a lot of elbow grease to clean up the mess!

There’s only a few things you need to make bacon in just 90-seconds. Gather together these four things that everyone has at home!

Paper towels
Micro-wave safe plate
Paper plate

Cover the microwave-safe plate with three pieces of paper towel. And now comes the trick…

Do NOT lay the bacon flat on top of the towel. That’s a beginner’s mistake.

Instead, curl the bacon up into a blossom shape so it can stand on its own. It’ll look like a circle or spiral of bacon.

Once you have rolled up all the bacon you want to cook, put a piece of paper towel on top of it and then a paper plate on top of that.

First start by cooking the bacon for three minutes. Once that’s done flip it over and cook for about 90-seconds more.

Take it out of the microwave and breakfast is served. You’ll never need a frying pan again.

This trick was first published on YouTube about three years ago and in that short amount of time, more than 2.3 million people have tuned in to learn the best method for cooking bacon.

Does it work? Dozens of people tried it and told us their opinions!

“I did this and used a bit more paper towels than he did and just flipped the plate upside down. The paper towels held the grease and I won’t make bacon any other way from now on!! No more greasy stove!!!”

“Instead of turning the bacon pieces over with your finger, why not just flip the whole plate/bacon parcel over?”

“Less messy, sure, but it creates so much more garbage. Is frying or baking bacon really that big of a deal?”

What do you think? Will you try this trick at home and cook bacon faster?

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