The Accuracy Of This Scared Me. The Shape Of Your Nails Reveals A Lot About You. Pick Your Nail Shape

Updated August 16, 2016

Did you know that the shape of your nails can reveal insights into your personality? While fingernails take on many shapes and sizes, there are undeniable trends that correlate to how you behave on a regular basis.

Some fingernails might be long while others are round. Others are short and pointy. But could our fingernails really reveal deep secrets about our personality? Keep reading to find out. Because you’re going to be SHOCKED at how accurate this is for you…

Some personality tests are spot on while others miss the mark. But for us at American Overlook, this fingernail test “nailed” our personalities perfectly. How about you? First pick which nail looks most like yours in the photo. Once you have yours read the description below.


1. Vertically Long

Your wonderful and weird imagination compliments your romantic and mild temperament. As a creative individual, you meticulously watch the details and can get overwhelmed with your surrounding environment. You spot details others miss and people love being around you as you can get along with almost everyone.

2. Broad-side

Your straightforward and clear-cut attitude is attractive but you live in your head and have a short-temper. You always tell the truth even if it disrupts the harmony around you and because of this, people trust you for honest advice and feedback. You’ll tell them what they need to hear.

Question of the week: If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?

3 & 4. Round-egg

You love moving at your own pace and are a happy-go-lucky and a laid-back peaceful person. You do things your own unique way and don’t follow the crowd. You’re a bright individual and make logical and sensible choices and since your emotions don’t usually get the best of you, long term friendships are easy for you to maintain.

5 Square

Armed with perseverance and courage, you’re a leader not afraid of risks. Your serious attitude, lets others know you don’t mess around and that you’re a steady and formidable leader. But for those close to you, they love enjoying your playful personality when you’re not being serious.

6 & 7. Triangle

Having a triangle or inverted triangle fingernail is often a sign of genius. As an innovative and creative individual, you expect perfection. New ideas that others couldn’t even dream up come easily to you and therefore you’re able to move forward much faster than most. People are likely fascinated by you.

8. Almond

As an honest, friendly, and faithful person, you exude kindness but also know when you need to be strong and sturdy for others. Because of your traits, people love spending time with you and you tell the truth and make others feel good about themselves. You excel at handling tough situations.

9. Sword

A hard-working and ambitious individual, you’re goal-oriented and eager to work hard. Because you want to achieve, you step out of your comfort zone and have become well-rounded. Others love your company and your hard-working attitude rubs off on others in an inspiring way.

How accurately does your nail express your personality? Let us know!

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