Her Retro Camper Is Adorable, But I Didn’t Think It Could Be So Functional Too. I Want One!

Updated September 8, 2016

As more people seek ways to simply their lives and save money, tiny homes are becoming more popular. And people have been taking retro campers like the Airstream trailer and renovating them for the 21st century.

In this video tour, you’ll get an up-close-and-personal look at the new Gidget Bondi model.

The mobile retro camper is light-weight and can be moved short distances with just one hand. While the camper might seem extremely compact at first, you’ll quickly see how it expands to nearly double its space in just a few seconds.

The teardrop camper comes with a queen-size bed and even a solar panel to give you the electricity you need to power your devices.

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When she walks around the back and lifts up the door, I’m shocked to see a fully-functioning kitchen right there in the camper. It includes a sink, a drawer with a refrigerator, a pantry, and even a cook top.

A very cool feature is the rotating TV that allows you to watch both inside and outside the camper.

Inside the camper, the bed looks extremely comfortable and has a patented system of moving the bed. Also, it’s easy to convert the bed to a lounge area where you can enjoy a cup of tea or work on the computer.

Underneath the lounge is a storage unit to keep your belongings as well as a spare tire.

Are you a fan of this Gidget Retro Camper?

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