In All My Life I’ve Never Seen Grilled Cheese Made This Way. I’ll Never Make It The Old Way Again..

Updated April 28, 2016

If there is one thing we have learned from the advent of the internet age, it’s that life can be a whole lot easier with a few tips from the experts. Life hacks have taken over YouTube, leading the charge and improving everyone’s lives with simple little tips, like a collective grandmother giving everyone advice.

My favorite life hacks all involve food because I am pretty much the furthest thing from a professional chef. All of these food hacks will make your life cheaper, easier and of course – more delicious!

Gummy Bear Pops

Freeze gummy bears in Sprite, adding in a Popsicle stick to create a cheap, refreshing treat for those hot summer days.


Smooth Measuring

Spray some non-stick cooking spray into your measuring cups to ensure that you are using the right amount every single time. Plus they are much easier to clean so it’s a win/win.


Easy Cheesy Bread

Grab a loaf of sourdough, some mozzarella cheese and chives to make this savory appetizer for your next dinner party.


Chocolate Bowls

Combine a balloon and dipping chocolate and you can make a chocolate bowl that’s actually¬†part of the dessert!


Supreme Grilled Salmon

Instead of reaching for the tin foil, throw down a layer of lemons onto the grill to take your boring salmon to the next level.


Smile Snacks

Apple slices, peanut butter and mini-marshmallows can easily be transformed into this healthy, creepy treat just in time for Halloween.


Question of the week: If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Taco Stand

Hard-shell tacos are definitely the best, but not when they fall to the side and all the ingredients fall out. use a fork to keep everything upright and in place.


Instant Vacuum Seal

Instead of buying an expensive vacuum-sealing machine, simply grab a straw and use your lungs instead.


Hanger Chip Clip

Clips from the bottom of broken clothes-hangers make a great chip clip in a pinch.


No More Bees

A cupcake wrapper with a straw punched through it can do wonders to keep your tasty beverage bug-free.


Frozen Chocolate Strawberries

If you like your chocolate strawberries to be more chocolate than strawberry, grab and ice cube tray and try this one out.


Jelly Worm In  A Straw

This has to be the easiest way to make a creepy treat and these worms are sure to scare even the bravest trick o’ treater.


Spring-Loaded Chopsticks

Chopsticks can turn even the most delicious meal into a frustrating nightmare. Simply add in a clothespin spring and your life will get 100% easier.


Quick Mushroom Chop

A hard-boiled egg slicer makes for a great mushroom slicer as well, as long as you know how to use it.


No More Burnt Cookies

Use a cheese grater to remove all that black stuff from the bottom of a burnt cookie. Now it’s just pure deliciousness!


Salad In A Jar

Salads aren’t usually seen as the best meal for someone on the move, but add a jar into the mix and the whole concept really starts to come together.


Mini Grilled Cheese

Make mini grilled cheese in seconds with a rolling pin, a slice of bread and American cheese slices. A side of tomato soup goes perfectly.


Which one of these food hacks is your favorite? Sound off in the comments!