He Dumps PineSol On Toilet Paper And Uses It To Save So Much Money On Cleaning

Updated September 7, 2016

The average American household spends approximately $659 on cleaning supplies each year. That’s a significant portion of your budget that could be going toward other expenses such as groceries, paying down debt, and saving for the future.

In this amazing video, this man teaches us a great hack for creating your own homemade cleaning supplies. I can’t believe he made this using just a few ingredients.

In this video, YouTube user KGB Survivalist provides a great life hack for saving money on expensive cleaning supplies by making your own at home. Plus, these cleaning supplies are much better quality than what you would buy in the store and they will cost you half the price.

To make your own cleaning wipes, you will only need three ingredients. You will need a roll or two of paper towels (depending on how many wipes you plan to make), a zip-lock container, and some Pinesol, or a similar pine cleaning product.

It’s so quick and easy to make these heavy-duty cleaning wipes. You’ll never purchase them from the store again!

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Do you make any normally store-bought items at home? Share with us your hack in the comments below.