I Could Never Get My Corn On The Cob To Taste Good Until I Used THIS One Secret Ingredient…

Updated June 27, 2016

As you know, the time of year as the summer turns into autumn is the best time for eating corn on the cob. These delicious yellow foods are at their best right now.

But if you’ve been boiling your corn in water, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but you’ve been doing it wrong. Don’t hate the messenger.

But now, after you learn the cooking trick below, you’ll be able to cook your corn on the cob in the best way and be the one to tell your friends about it.

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While most people boil their ears of corn in the hot water, the best chefs do something slightly different.

For an even more succulent flavor, bring your pot to a boil and add in milk and butter while your corn cooks.

As your corn comes out of the pot, it will be loaded with full-flavor as each of the kernels absorbs the delicious butter and milk taste. You won’t need to slather it in butter before eating. Thus avoiding a messy process – especially for those of you with little ones.

Do you have a special way of making your corn on the cob? Will you try this recipe for during the Labor Day Weekend?

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