I Chose My Favorite Color And Flipped Out When It Predicted THIS About My Life. Now It’s Your Turn..

Updated April 7, 2016

I never knew how much could be concluded and predicted about a person and their personality and future based on only their favorite color. When I chose my favorite color, I couldn’t believe what it revealed about me.

Take this quick video color personality test and see what’s in store for you…

After taking this amazing color personality test, I can easily see why it’s been going viral and gaining so much in popularity. The results are spot on. You need to try this.

According to the description of this test on YouTube, “This is a color personality test. It shows you your strengths and weaknesses based on your choice of color. It is not 100% accurate but I found it to be amazingly accurate. Maybe it works for you?”

“You can always say something about someones personality if you know what kind of color they like. For example red people seem to be more aggressive and pushy while green people seem to search for peace and quietness,” the test explains.

Choose your favorite color from green, red, yellow, and blue and prepare to be amazed at what this test can deduct about your personality from nothing more than your favorite color.

This is a great test to do with your friends. Share the results with your friends today.

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