He Found This Cool Shell Sitting On The Beach, But When He Opened It…”OH MY GOD!”

Updated January 14, 2016

When a fisherman found a cockle shell on the beach, he picked it up to admire it. But when he tried to open it, a giant octopus jumped out at him.

The man lets out a scream as he realizes what was hiding in the tiny shell. Watch the amazing footage down below.

A fisherman notices something hiding inside the small cockle shell. So he sets up the camera and his friend starts poking at it.

They roll the shell down the beach and knock it off a small ledge into a pool of water.

The man really wants to see what’s inside so at the 30-second mark he grabs the shell are tries to peel open the two halves. But the critter inside refuses to budge.

When it finally opens, the cameraman jumps back and screams. A giant octopus much too big for the tiny shell hops out and starts walking around the sand.

After the critter gets freed from the shell, the friend who opened it grabs the octopus.

Then he tosses the mollusk at the cameraman who runs away screaming. Apparently he has octophobia.

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