18 Sailors Stand Like Statues. But Keep Your Eyes On The One In The Middle. UNBELIEVABLE!

Updated January 21, 2016

After being invited to demonstrate their prowess, the US Navy Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard traveled to the international competition in Norway.

Even though the competition was stacked with amazing groups from around the world and NATO, can you guess which was the best? Once the curtain opened up, the world realized why America is still number one.

The ceremonial unit has one purpose and one purpose only: To show the world how skilled America’s warriors truly are.

Established in 1931, the honor guard presides in presidential, private, and public ceremonies, these men have been trained to performer perfectly under pressure. If you thought Michael Jordan was a clutch player, wait till you see how calm and collected these men are on the international stage.

Remember, these men have dedicated hundreds if not thousands of hours to perfecting the routine in the video. Give them your respect and support them by watching the entire video below.

As you watch, think about how America’s military is the most skilled and powerful in the world. These men are simply a demonstration of that since we often don’t get to see our soldiers perform their duties in the field.

After finishing the clip, is it any question why America won first prize?

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